VPlex: How to Manually Remove Device From VPlex After Removing Disk From Array


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Please follow this KB article if either of the following scenarios is present:   

  1.         Customer informed that they have removed a specific LUN from the storage array without first removing from the VPlex     
  3.         Storage arrays are showing as degraded on the VPlex and volume shows as having no underlying storage array     
  1.         Gather all information regarding the device     
      VPlexcli:/> show-use-hierarchy /clusters/cluster-1/storage-elements/storage-volumes/Symm0737_0000       
          local-device: device_Symm0737_0000_12016Feb18_092447 (8.43G, raid-0, cluster-1)       
            extent: extent_Symm0737_0000_1 (8.43G)       
              storage-volume: Symm0737_0000 (8.43G)       
                logical-unit: VPD83T3:6006048000028746073753594d303030       
  1.          Remove the local device from the VPlex using the command: local-device destroy -d <DeviceName>     
      VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-1/devices> local-device destroy -d device_Symm0737_0000_12016Feb18_092447     
  1.         Remove the Extent from the VPlex using the command: extent destroy --force <ExtentName>     
      VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-1/storage-elements/extents> extent destroy --force extent_Symm0737_0000_1     
  1.         Remove the Storage-Volume from the VPlex using the command: storage-volume unclaim -d <StorageVolumeName>     
      VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-1/storage-elements/storage-volumes> storage-volume unclaim -d Symm0737_0000     
  1.         Remove the Logical Unit from the VPlex using the command: logical-unit forget <LogicalUnitVPID>     
      VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-1/storage-elements/storage-arrays/logical-units/> logical-unit forget VPD83T3:6006048000028746073753594d303030     
  1.         Confirm VPlex is healthy and no errors are seen by running the following commands:     
  •         Health Check     
  •         ll **/storage-arrays/*     
      In the event the volume or device cannot be removed and you get errors similar to the following, then reboot the management console and both if system is a Metro.     
      Failed to destroy local-devices.         
          Unable to destroy local Device.         
          Firmware command error: No device with the name <device name>"         
          cause: Command execution failed.         
          cause: Invalid context 'devices' of type 'devices' specified for --targets 






To remove a device from the VPlex safely before removing the disk from the array please follow the steps below:   
    1. VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-Cluster_ID/exports/storage-views> removevirtualvolume –-view storage_view_name --virtual-volumes name,name,name –-force   
    2. If the volume is part of a consistency group:   
    VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-Cluster_ID/consistency-groups> remove-virtual-volumes –-consistency-group consistency_group_name –-virtual-volumes name,name,name –-force   
    3. VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-Cluster_ID> virtual-volume destroy –v virtual_volume_name --force   
    4. VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-Cluster_ID/devices> local-device destroy -d <DeviceName>   
    5. VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-Cluster_ID/storage-elements/extents> extent destroy   
    --force <Extent Name>   
    6. VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-Cluster_ID/storage-elements/storage-volumes>   
    storage-volume unclaim -d <StorageVolumeName>   
    7. VPlexcli:/clusters/cluster-Cluster_ID/storage-elements/storage-arrays/logical-units/   
    Unit VPDID> logical-unit forget   
    This procedure can be found in Solve Procedure Generator: VPlex -> Administration procedures -> Manage -> Remove disk or array from VPLEX