RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: Warning: vCenter Sever is not licensed.


   Article Number:     488430                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines





Issue (impact on customer): A warning message appears for missing license of the DR VC, when there is no need for an additional license (in addition to production VC).   
    Impacted Configuration & Settings [Replication Mode,Splitter Type,Compression,CDP/CLR/Multi,FC/IP/iSCSI, Policies etc.]: RP4VM, not a trial version. The VCs are configured to replicate one-directionally from licensed exclusively-production clusters to an unlicensed exclusively-target cluster, but VC license exists only on the production VC.    
    Impact on RP: A warning is shown for a valid license configuration. It is issued for unlicensed VCs and presented in every RP cluster that has unlicensed registered VC. As understood, VM protection will be blocked for these VCs.






A registered VC/Array with no license triggers a warning for the user.   
    In RP4VMs, the configuration that only one VC is licensed (and serves as production) is supported.   
    The severity of the message is ‘Warning” and there is no ability to suppress it in this version.   
    Symptoms found in the logs: A warning is presented “vCenter Sever <VCUuid> is not licensed”.   
    Affected versions: 4.3.x   












    Workaround:  None in 4.3.x   
    Resolution/Fixed at:  5.0   
    In 5.0 set tweak t_suppress_unlicensed_vc_warning to "true",   






Upgrading from 4.3 might fail   
    Workaround: change the DM tweak SHOULD_FAIL_ON_GENERIC_WARNING to false.