DPA: Job Monitor on Networker 9.0.1  is not working


   Article Number:     487486                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor 6.2 SP3





In Networker 9.0.1, the  Job Monitor request is failing.  Examining the modtest log it showed the nsradmin commands are failing to execute.   
    Example of nsradmin command and error is below.   
    nsradmin -s <Networker Server hostname>       
        . type: NSR       
        show type; version; hostname       
        failed to write to child         
          child exited with status 1
    When attempting to run the nsradmin command from Networker (without DPA) the error noticed was:   
    # cd /usr/sbin       
        # nsradmin -s <Networker Server hostname>       
        143820:nsradmin: Unable to establish RAP connection with <Networker Server hostname>         
         el: Unable to set user privileges based on user token for root on <Networker Server hostname>:       
        Security token has expired.






The Networker authentication token expired.                                                           






The workaround is to run the nsrlogin command from Networker as below.   
    /usr/sbin # nsrlogin -u <administrator> -p <password>-   
    Authentication succeeded   
    After running nsrlogin, DPA will be able to run nsradmin commands and get a successful Job Monitor collection.   
    Please contact Networker Support for additional assistance to avoid this from reoccurring.