VMware FLR restore fails immediately with error code 10007 - avvmwfile Error <0000>: VirtualMachine Interface is NULL


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VMware FLR restore fails immediately with error code 10007. The below error string is seen in the logs.   
    avvmwfile Error <0000>: VirtualMachine Interface is NULL   
    avvmwfile Error <0000>: assist_restore error. ret: 157   






Te VMware Tools service was hung/unresponsive on the Guest OS   







      Verify that the target virtual machine is powered on, VMware Tools is installed, and running the current or most up to date version. Below is how this should appear in the vSphere Client. vSphere ClientIf VMware tools is hung or unresponsive, restart the VMTools service from within the virtual machineThis can be through the Windows 'Services' screen or by running the following from the Windows command line net stop vmtoolsnet start vmtools