Dell EMC Education Services Website Localization Update

We're pleased to announce that Dell EMC Education Services has translated our website into seven languages. In our initial rollout, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese-Brazilian will be available for Customer, Partner, and Guest views. More languages and countries will be rolling out soon.

The original (source) language of our web content such as navigation, headers, footers, text, search bars, and logins have all been translated into different (target) languages by substituting words from one language to another in context.


We are also in the process of localizing our web content for regional and local consumption. By modifying the source language and other site elements, we will be able to appeal to the user’s cultural preferences in their own language.

On your first visit to, you may select a country from the global footer, and your selection will be saved by cookies. The next time you return, the country you previously selected will automatically be selected. You may change your country selection at any time from the global footer.

At this time, the functionality for the ‘Find Training by Category’ and ‘Find Exam’ sections are only available in English. You may also notice some pages have not yet been translated. These are likely new pages, and are in the process of being translated by our vendor on a bi-weekly basis.

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQs, or contact us.






Localization FAQs

Q. Why is my country not enabled?

A. In our initial rollout there are only 7 countries available for selection

Q. Are Cookies used to store country selection?

A. Yes the DEES country selection is stored in your Cookies

Q. Can I switch my country selection?

A. Yes, you may change your country selection from the globe icon in the footer at any time

Q. Will there be any changes to the global header?

A. The global header is automatically carried forward from You may select the menu at any time and your country is maintained

Q. Will the content links be same across the countries?

A. The content links may vary by country based on availability

Q. Will the Find Training by Category be translated based on the country selection?

A. Unfortunately, the Find Training functionality can only be presented in English

Q. Will the Find Exam be translated based on the country selection?

A. Unfortunately, the Find Exam functionality can only be presented in English

Q. Is the Saba 5.5 static Catalog translated?

A. Yes the Saba 5.5 static Catalog content is translated.

Q. The page I’m viewing is displayed in English only, why?

A. The page may be new and has not been translated yet

Q. How often are pages translated?

A. We are on a bi-weekly cadence with the translation vendor

Q. Why is the English version different than the translated version?

A. The translated page may be in the process of being translated by the vendor

Q. Do you have a quality assurance team globally?

A. There’s a global quality assurance team responsible for reviewing all content

Q. What if my language is not available for translation?

A. All content defaults to English

Q. Does the Site URL update once a country is selected?

A. Yes the Site URL changes from en-us to the specific locale, e.g. es-mx is Mexico

Q. Once I’ve updated my country selection, why is some text still in English?

A. Some words have no language translation, e.g. Big Data, Facebook, Twitter

Q. Is the DEES translated site available to all external audiences?

A. There are no restrictions. Customers, Partners, and Guests may view translated content

Q. Is the Education Services Internal Site translated?

A. Not at this time; only the external facing Education Portal is translated.



Below you will find examples of how will be translated:


Global Footer


Starting with DEES Education Services Web Site, the Global footer “United States” (on the bottom right of the footer) is where you select your county.




Country Selector

Once selected, the following Country Selection page appears. You can save your selection by checking the box. There are only 7 countries or locales available on at this time, but more will be rolled out soon!



Translated Country Selection Example

Once country is selected, the Country Selection Page is also translated. The example below shows Mexico‘s version.




Navigation Examples (Mexico)