IoT Story Telling - IoT use cases easily explained

Update 12.12.'17 Version v3a:

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The Internet of Things with its diverse applications and facets makes it possible to optimize existing offers and develop new services.


The business ideas are infinite.


So it is all the more important for us to study the basics and applications of the Internet of Things more intensively, to know the challenges of our customers in their IoT strategy and to serve them with our extensive product and solution portfolio.


With our IoT initiative and the newly created IOT division, we will gain a unified overall picture of our IoT range of solutions and can offer solutions within the IoT / I4.0 value chain for all IoT platform segments.


The following presentation should help to learn the "IoT Story Telling" and to understand the customer in his IoT / I4.0 use cases.


To give the customer the feeling that we (DELL EMC) have dealt with him and his business field and its challenges.


The IoT application story is the most important part of opening the door to CxO's, VP's or Head Off's.


Details (deep-dive) about DELL-EMC products and solutions hardware, software, and services are not part of this presentation!


The infrastructure talks should take place in the dedicated follow-up discussions with the respective specialist managers of the customer and our specialists.


More use cases I will add to this slide deck soon (eg. Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Smart Water, Logistics)


Each page contains some speaker and "click" notes.