Dell Technologies IoT Solutions - The Value Chain

Dell Technologies IoT Solutions - The Value Chain

How the Internet of Things Affects our Lives and Business

An alternative IoT presentation

The content of this presentation is about the presentation of our IoT solutions directly at the customer or at partners and the IoT self-study.

In the following table you can see how the 62-page presentation is divided:

Session 1

Page: 2 - 3

Brief and concise presentation of the basic facts about our new IoT division and product development

  • Presentation of the DELL Technologies IoT Division
  • Manager, investments, partner
  • Hardware and software projects
  • Cooperations and support of Start-Ups

Session 2

Page: 4 - 31

This section describes several basic information about IoT and I4.0.

From this section, depending on the customer environment and previous knowledge, pages can be shown.

NOTE: Depending on the customer situation and the circle of participants, it is not always necessary to use "all" pages. Also, these pages are for self-study to get to know IoT / I4.0 topics.

  • Factors, drivers, profiteers
  • Digital shift
  • Definition & terminology IoT & I4.0
  • Vertical business areas and applications
  • UPDATE: Examples / use cases (I4.0/IoT application examples easily explained)
  • Elements of IoT - sensors, network, transmission, wireless technologies

Session 3

Page: 32 - 42

Here the DELL Technologies IoT terms, categorisations and solutions for "EDGE - CORE - CLOUD" are presented (High Level).

  • Descriptions for EDGE, CORE and CLOUD
  • The DELL IoT portfolio for EDGE, CORE and CLOUD (High Level)
  • NEW: Edge Gateways and the abstract software layer
  • Support of open standards (EdgeX, IIC and OpenFOG)

Session 4

Page: 43 - 46

Which elements / categories (blocks) can be found in an IoT / I4.0 Platform? Whether in your own data center or in the cloud. This section shows the categories and should sensitize the participant which projects and subprojects can come to him.

  • Presentation of a platform from the strategy to the user experience
  • Detailed presentation of the platform blocks
  • Subdivision of subprojects

Session 5

Page: 47 - 61

In the last section, the building blocks of a modern IoT-IT will be presented based on our digital transformation strategy (High Level) and how we as DELL Technologies set ourselves against them with our products, solutions and partner. Important in this section is the presentation of our IoT consulting services with the Vision Workshop and Advisory Services.

  • Components of a modern IT and how we can help the customer with the realization (incl. his added values)
  • NEW: Introduction of three partner companies (Cumulocity, Action Point & Splunk) to built together an end-to-end IoT/I4.0 solutions
  • Course and start of the digital transformation
  • Transformation Consulting
  • The DELL IoT Services (Vision Workshop & Technology Advisory Service)
  • Notes about our IoT partner landscape, IoT website and public community platform


Roughly, this presentation can be divided into two main sections:


Section One - Page 4-31 (Custom Part): Pages that are used for your own IoT self-study and depending of your customers IoT requirments and skill set for your customer presentation


Section Two - Pages 32-61 (Required Part): Presentation of Dell Technologies solutions, products, partners, and consulting services


All pages are provided with speaker notes and "click" hints. Also this presentation is available in German and English.


Yes, I am aware that we have received official Dell Technologies "IoT PoV" Customer & Sales Presentations from our Dell Austin OEM / IoT Marketing Headquarter.


My intention was to develop a presentation with content for self-study, as well as to incorporate multiple practice elements around IoT.