Data Protection Central... New Era of DPS management

A new era in data protection management software over Data Protection Central which simplifies the management experience across the Data Protection Suite, offering intelligent dashboards for quick problem identification and intuitive workflows to mitigate common operational issues, helps to generate quick top SLA reports and quickest search and restore of files.

DPC unifies the experience for DP Suite customers to leverage as the starting point for monitoring their critical activities and assets including job status of backups, replications and snaps along with other critical events. Also it helps to have a quick view of system health and capacity across the enterprise.

DPC provide a launch point that will establish a contextual sessions of core administration console for the Avamar, NetWorker and DataDomain. It can manage easily multiples Avamar, NetWorker along with DataDomain appliances.

DPC will also provide access to the top Data Protection Advisor reports of Avamar, NetWorker and Data Domain of historical information. The reporting capabilities include access to canned reports.  However, all of reporting features offered by DPA are available by launching DPA from within the  DPC interface.

DPC uses Data Protection Search to support search and recover operations from a central point of control for files of both guest or NDMP type.

In Summary DPC simplifies the complete DellEMC data protection suites management with intelligent dashboards, intuitive workflows aligning with next generation of data protection.