ViPR Controller: When adding a new host to a cluster, the existing cluster MaskingView is ignored and VIPR attempts to create a new MaskingView


   Article Number:     514420                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller





The user is unable to successfully migrate an ESX host to a ViPR managed ESX cluster with VMAX backend storage.   
    The ViPR ExportGroup does not successfully update with the host, initiators and ExportMask of the new host.   
    The host was moved to the new cluster in vSphere and the vCenter was re-discovered in ViPR.   
    To update the ViPR ExportGroup, the following ViPRCli command was executed :   
    ./viprcli exportgroup add_host -n "ClusterName" -hl hostname -pr ProjectName   
    which failed with the following error :   
    VIPR controllersvc logs :   
    errcode: 10424 sym err: A device cannot belong to more than one storage group in use by FAST   






The host being migrated to the cluster has an existing VMAX MaskingView containing the bootlun.                                                           






Migration of a host to a ViPR managed cluster.   







      The ViPR ExportMask that represents thisVMAX  bootlun MaskingView needs to be manually configured in the ViPR database to ensure VIPR does not select the bootlun mask when provisioning volumes to this host.     
      A solution exists for this issue, but intervention from EMC technical support personnel is required.     
      Support personnel must access your storage system to fix this issue.     
      Contact the EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative for technical assistance and quote this article ID.     
      Include the ViPR Controller Order History text as well as logs covering the time frame when you contact EMC for technical assistance.