XtremIO: Moving a managed cluster to a new XMS without losing cluster-related XMS objects


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This KB article may be used when an XMS no longer has the capacity to add additional objects (e.g. volumes, initiators, initiator groups, consistency groups, ...etc.) because of inherent limitations. In this case, one (or more) cluster(s) will need to be migrated to a new XMS.   
    WARNING: The following cluster-related information is lost when a cluster is removed from one XMS and added to another:   

  •         Performance data     
  •         User accounts     
  •         Outstanding alerts     
  •         Cluster log bundles     
  •         Tagging information     
  •         Specialized alert definitions     
  •         LDAP settings     
  •         Notifiers (SYR, SNMP, e-mail, ...etc.)     
    If required, these objects need to be manually recreated after the cluster is migrated to the destination XMS (excluding performance data, outstanding alerts, and generated cluster log bundles that cannot be added manually).   
    In order to migrate one (or more) cluster(s) to a new XMS, contact a member of EMC Global Technical Support for assistance. When contacting EMC Global Technical Support for assistance, ensure that you have a fresh XtremIO log bundle (dossier) available for attachment to the Service Request (SR) to expedite the review process. To collect an XtremIO log bundle, follow the instructions in KB 334928 - How to collect XtremIO log bundle for analysis by EMC Global Technical Support.                                                                                                                           






Refer to the Managing Multiple Clusters - Managing a Specific Cluster in a Multiple Cluster Setting - Cluster Migration section of the XtremIO Storage Array Software Installation and Upgrade Guide corresponding to the software version on which the customer's cluster is running for the instructions required to migrate one (or more) cluster(s) from one XMS server's management to another.