AppSync: AIX filesystems may fail to mount if mountguard is enabled and FSCK is not enabled on the mount.


   Article Number:     499520                                   Article Version: 4     Article Type:    Break Fix 




AppSync,AppSync 3.1





If the source filesystem is AIX and has mountguard set to yes, as seen in /etc/filesytems, and AppSync mounts to a standalone AIX host that does not have HACMP installed, and filesystem check (FSCK) is not enabled for the mount phase, then the mount may fail with the following error as seen in the mount host AppSync Plugin logs:   
      [586]:execute() Info:Running command: mount -v jfs2 -o cio,ro,log=INLINE /dev/lv13 /dir1/dir2      [3825]:runMountCommand() error: ['mount: /dev/lv13 on /dir1/dir2', 'Cannot mount guarded filesystem.', 'The filesystem is potentially mounted on another node.']      [3826]:runMountCommand() errorcode: 1 1






AIX is failing the mount.   
    However, mountguard is designed to prevent the mounting of a clustered filesystem to another node in a cluster while it is already mounted to another node in the Cluster.   
    The observation is:   
    When mounting to a host that does not have cluster software, the ability to verify if any other node has the filesystem already mounted does not exist, thus AIX fails the mount.   
    This behavior was seen when AIX 7.1 TL3 was in use.   
    Engage IBM to determine the official cause.






    Enabling FSCK in the AppSync Mount phase settings allows the mount to succeed. Refer to AppSync documentation available on EMC Online Support (, if needed.