New Assets and Emails Available in our Digital Marketing Platform - Get Started Today

The Dell EMC Digital Marketing Platform offers access to website and social media content syndication, and you can run your email marketing campaigns from the platform, which leverages lead nurturing and website analytics to provide in-depth reports on your marketing efforts.

Separately, these are all effective tools. Yet, together they deliver a powerful integrated approach to multichannel marketing.

Explore the platform to see how the tools at your disposal can help you deliver seamless multi-channel engagements, enabling you to find new audiences, generate more leads, and drive a steady flow of traffic to your website.


The Digital Marketing Platform is globally supported in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Italian.


There are three ready-to-activate campaigns available in the platform today for global use including:

  • Converged Infrastructure Portfolio Campaign
  • Converged Infrastructure Application Campaign
  • 14G Server Campaign


In English today and globally expanding by the day, we currently offer:

  • Client – Workforce Transformation Product Personas
  • Data Protection Campaign
  • All Flash Campaign
  • Efficient PC Lifecycles Campaigns

Watch a short video highlighting all the benefits of using the Dell EMC Marketing Platform.


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