Heroes Program Brings Knowledge and Power to Partner SE Community

“Knowledge is Power,” wrote Sir Francis Bacon in 1597 in his book Sacred Meditations.  The meaning behind this simple phrase is that having and sharing knowledge is widely recognized as the basis for improving one's reputation and influence, thus power.

And it is indeed knowledge that is the power behind our Dell EMC Heroes.  The Heroes program was launched at Dell EMC World in May 2017.  Since the launch, the program has reached approximately 2500 partner Sales Engineers (SEs) per quarter through live events around the globe, providing them with technical training beyond partner program compliance.

Partner SEs need up-to-date knowledge when doing battle in today’s market, where disruptive technologies and startup companies can change the competitive landscape overnight.  By arming Dell EMC partner SEs with the latest on Dell EMC and complementary solutions, they can become heroes in the eyes of our mutual customers by designing and implementing IT solutions that lead, enable and accelerate customers’ businesses, which improves their power in the market.

Because the Dell EMC Heroes program brings live training to where partner SEs live and work, it reduces the barriers of expense and travel, while providing access to Dell EMC product technologists so that real-time dialog is not only possible, but encouraged.  The ultimate goal is for the Dell EMC Heroes program to serve as a container for bringing knowledge, and therefore power, to Partner SEs through community, both physical and virtual.

For more information, visit the Dell EMC Heroes page, or send email to DellEMCheroesprogram@dell.com.