Spend Less Time Managing Client Devices and More Time Driving Digital Transformation

Dell provides cost-effective solutions that save time and money, so you can directly help your customers achieve their goals. The Dell Client Command Suite encompasses a variety of products to automate and streamline system deployment, configuration, monitoring and updates.

Learn more about additions to the Dell Client Command Suite:

  • Dell Client Command Suite automates and streamlines system deployment, configuration, monitoring and updates.


  • New Dell Remote Provisioning for Intel vPro makes getting started with vPro simple:

With the new Dell-unique Remote Provisioning for Intel® vPro™, customers can enable vPro systems quickly and easily, reducing set-up time from months to less than an hour.[1]  The tool offers a huge benefit and solves a major problem that customers have been challenged by for years. 


Many bought vPro systems to take advantage of vPro’s “out-of-band” capabilities: it allows IT admins to remotely access devices even if the systems are powered off or the OS isn’t functional.  But customers never got vPro running because it took 3-4 months of dedicated IT time to “turn-on” vPro.


Dell partnered with Intel to find a way to make this process easier for customers. Dell released the Remote Provisioning tool as a part of the Dell Command | Integration Suite for Systems Center 5.0.  With this unique tool, customers can now “turn-on” vPro in under an hour. The tool works on vPro-capable systems customers are already using, including non-Dell systems, so they can use it for their entire fleet moving forward.  One more reason Dell commercial PCs are the world’s most manageable.[2]


  • Simplify Endpoint Management & Windows 10 Provisioning with AirWatch & Dell:

With VMWare as part of the Dell Technologies family, customers can not only manage every Windows 10 endpoint across their organizations “over-the-air”, they can also minimize IT cost and workload with “zero-touch” provisioning.

Customers using a separate console (and possibly a separate IT admin) to manage their PCs, and a different console (and a different IT admin) to manage their mobile devices, can now manage all Windows 10 endpoints with one console—VMWare AirWatch. With AirWatch, customers can now: deploy policy and patches in real-time, distribute software anywhere, fast, configure Windows security for mobile workforces, reduce TCO and IT overhead, and self-service with peak end-user experience. With AirWatch now integrated into the Dell Client Command Suite, customers can get even more out of their investments with Dell.

Customers can also reduce IT cost, touch points and workload, by using the Dell Configuration Services factory service for AirWatch. This offers enterprise-ready Dell clients direct from the factory, drop-shipped to the end user. With Windows 10 Provisioning by AirWatch, IT doesn’t have to pre-configure a system prior to distribution to employees. The system goes direct to the employee and at first sign-on, the AirWatch agent recognizes the system (service tag) and downloads the appropriate apps, policies, and security directly to the system, similar to a smartphone activation process. With Dell and AirWatch working together, you can help customers manage their systems even better.


Learn more about manageability benefits, and highlight to customers how IT teams can reduce time and increase efficiency using the Dell Client Manageability Presentation.


[1] Based on Dell’s preliminary internal testing results in vPro provisioning in under one hour

[2] Based on internal Dell analysis, August 2017