Advanced Server Technology Investment is Key to Driving Digital Transformation

As digital transformation takes hold, the years of cost-cutting and stale technology platforms cannot keep up in an environment where everything is information-driven and automated. Businesses need to be agile—and that requires a server refresh…

The rate of technical disruption in today’s business environment is phenomenal. It’s a huge challenge for any organization to keep up with, let alone to stay one step ahead of.


Enterprises are under more pressure than ever to deliver on digital transformation and infrastructure modernization—all against a backdrop of rapidly changing business needs.


But your customers need to get to grips with the challenges they are facingand fast. A recent report published by leading industry analyst Moor Insights & Strategy* states that to remain competitive, organizations need to react quickly and make an astute investment to build an IT infrastructure for today, which is also adaptable for the future.


The perfect time to refresh infrastructure technology

Smart server refresh is the solution. Customers’ existing IT infrastructures simply cannot respond well to changes in today’s business environment—they scale poorly, attempting to meet new challenges with resources that may not be properly skilled for these new environments.


As businesses try to move towards establishing a modernized infrastructure that can anticipate and deliver on both their current and future IT needs, emerging workloads and deployment methodologies are creating complications…


Choosing a server platform with truly scalable business architecture is the only way for a company to stay ahead of the curve and capture opportunity without delay. So this is the perfect time to help your customers assess their infrastructure needs.


Advanced servers, accelerated business

In today’s business world, IT needs to empower organizations to scale efficiently, profitably and sustainably – from the data center to the edge. And as everything in the data center moves towards flexibility and software definition, businesses will need to depend more on advanced server solutions as their building blocks for digital transformation.


The 14th generation of Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers is the bedrock of the modern data center.These best-in-class servers are specifically designed to deliver transformation without compromise.

By encouraging a smart server refresh to PowerEdge Server 14G technology, you can help your customers to realize their vision of a worry-free data center infrastructure that allows them to maximize performance and optimize efficiency—in a fully flexible and innovative way that enables business success.

Server refresh is a strategic business priority

The Moor Insights & Strategy report maintains that the server purchase decision is no longer a technical decision. It’s become a strategic business priority, because IT investments absolutely must support efficient business operations—today and in the future.


Emerging use cases like cloud-native workloads and software-defined storage are joining workloads like virtualization that are boosted by open, scalable platforms. And there’s an exceptional Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers 14G solution to meet most every hybrid IT environment need.


Designed from the ground up with a no-compromise approach that sees scalable business architecture, intelligent automation and integrated security built into every model, new PowerEdge Servers 14G are perfectly positioned to meet customers’ ever-evolving IT and operational challenges – delivering an advanced, innovative and ultimately adaptable solution that customers can rely on to accelerate their business.

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* Moor Insights & Strategy report, ‘Scaling Up To Digital Transformation’, June 2017