Isilon OneFS and Hadoop Known Issues

The following known issues exist with OneFS and Hadoop HDFS integrations:



December 2017

OneFS 8.0.0.X and Cloudera Impala 5.12.X: Impala queries fail with `WARNINGS: TableLoadingException: Failed to load metadata for table: <tablename> , CAUSED BY: IllegalStateException: null`



October 2017

Ambari agent fails to send heartbeats to Ambari server if agent is running on a NANON node



September 2017

NameNode gives out any IP addresses in an access zone, even across pools and subnets; client connection may fail as a result



August 2018

Isilon HDFS error: STATUS_TOO_MANY_OPENED_FILES causes jobs to fail



September 2018

WebHDFS issue with Kerberized 8.1.2 - curl requests fail to follow redirects; Service Checks and Ambari Views will fail



October 2018

HDFS rollup patch for 8.1.2 - Patch-240163:


Patch for OneFS This patch addresses issues with the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).



This patch can be installed on clusters running the following OneFS version:


This patch deprecates the following patch:



This patch conflicts with the following patches:




If any conflicting or deprecated patches are installed on the cluster, you must

remove them before installing this patch.





* Bug ID 240177

  The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) rename command did not manage file

  handles correctly and might have caused data unavailability with



* Bug ID 236286

  If a OneFS cluster had the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) configured

  for Kerberos authentication, WebHDFS requests over curl might have failed to

  follow a redirect request.





Other Known Issues

1. Host Registrations fails on RHEL 7 hosts with openssl issues


Modify the ambari-agent.ini file:







Restart the ambari-server and all ambari-agents

2. Installs fail when using Private Repos with Ambari

Isilon presents itself as a Centos06 host and Ambari expects to see the centos6 repos, without internet access to the public repos installs will fail if a local Centos6 repo is not available and accessible <KB coming on this issue shortly>





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