VNX: Field Change Order F010617EE: VNX2 Micron Buckhorn Permanent Fix (User Correctable)


   Article Number:     494909                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VNX5200,VNX5400,VNX5600,VNX5800,VNX7600,VNX8000,VNX2 Series





This Customer Advisory is to inform you of an issue involving VNX2 systems containing the solid state drives (SSDs) identified below. There is a significant risk of data unavailability when the affected SSDs exceed 700 days of continuous runtime. Since your VNX2 system contains these SSDs, it is critically important to upgrade the drive firmware on your VNX2 system to version 0337 as soon as possible which will provide a permanent resolution to the issue.  To that end, EMC has decided to take immediate, proactive action and upgrade the drive firmware on the affected SSDs in your VNX2 system(s). This upgrade addresses the potential data unavailability situation. EMC will perform this firmware upgrade at no charge to you. An EMC representative will be contacting you to schedule a convenient time to allow for this upgrade. EMC requests your cooperation to allow for this upgrade as soon as possible.   
    The affected part numbers are:   

 2.5” carrier3.5” carrier4” carrier
100 GB:005050598005050112005050115
200 GB:005050599005050113005050116
400 GB:005050600005050114005050117

      Issue Description   

    EMC has become aware of an issue with the above-referenced SSDs contained in VNX2 systems.  After approximately 700 days of continuous runtime, the affected SSDs may experience a drive buffer overflow caused by a memory leak.  In this event, a data unavailability situation may occur. Since all SSDs in a VNX2 system are powered up simultaneously, all SSDs have the same runtime which would mean that all affected SSDs could become unavailable simultaneously. Although you may not have encountered the issue described in this Customer Advisory, EMC strongly recommends that you allow for this firmware upgrade as soon as possible.   






SSD firmware can be upgraded by customers using Unisphere Service Manager. An EMC Customer Service Representative will contact you to discuss the upgrade. If you choose to have EMC perform the firmware upgrade, a convenient time will be arranged.  SSD firmware upgrades can be done without taking the EMC storage system offline. If you elect to have EMC perform the upgrade, EMC may perform it remotely using EMC’s Remote Proactive Services Team in order to expedite. After the upgrade, the EMC Customer Engineer will run an EMC Health Check on your EMC storage system.   
    If you are not already taking advantage of “connect home” through the most recent version of EMC Secure Remote Services (ESRS version 3.x), EMC encourages you to consider the business benefits of this complimentary proactive capability.  With ESRS, our customers experience the fastest possible response, escalation and resolution times to maximize information availability.  ESRS version 3, the ESRS “Virtual Edition,” is proactive, secure, virtual, simple, and built to scale with the growth and evolution of your IT environment.  Click here to access ESRS v3 downloads and technical documentation. As part of the upgrade process to SSD firmware version 0337, your EMC Customer Engineer will also review and, if applicable, address connectivity issues you may currently be experiencing.   
    If you have not already done so, EMC also recommends that you subscribe to receive EMC Technical Advisories which contain important information about your EMC products.  To register, please refer to EMC Online Support at:  You can select “All EMC Products ETA” to subscribe to alerts for all EMC products or type a product name to add alerts for individual products.   
    EMC appreciates your business.  We are constantly working to help customers better protect their most important asset; their business data.  Please contact your local support team if you have any questions concerning this Customer Advisory.