VxRail: VDP backup/restore stops at 92% and never completes


   Article Number:     494454                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




VxRail Appliance





A VDP backup job is started and eventually stops at 92% and never completes.   
    This is a known issue with VMware.  This is from VMware:   

  •         SAN mode access to vSAN or VVol datastore hangs ESXi host.     
VVol and vSAN datastores do not support SAN mode transport. If a program calls VixDiskLib_ConnectEx a VVol or vSAN datastore, specifying SAN mode or nothing (auto-detected SAN mode), the ESXi host stops responding and the VDDK connection fails. One workaround is to explicitly specify another mode (NBDSSL or HotAdd). Another workaround is to move the virtual disk to a VMFS datastore. A fix has been identified and will appear in a future release.    






VMware code bug.                                                           






Backup/Restore with VDP.                                                           






Workaround :    
    ssh into VDP or external proxy   
    sudo su -   
    cd /usr/local/avamarclient/var   
    vi avvcbimageAll.cmd.   
    Add the following flag at the bottom of a file.   
    Save the above change :wq!