VNX: How to use Mitrend to perform VNX performance health check (User correctable)


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VNX Operating Environment,VNX/VNXe Family







      In order to use Mitrend to perform VNX performance health check, please follow the following instructions:   

  1.         Create an account on Mitrend using the following URL:      
  3.         After setting an account, it will send you a verification code to be used to log in.      
  5.         To start the Performance Analysis, please "UPLOAD TO MITREND".​​       
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  •          Fill your data as requested, and then under "Select your Platform" choose "Storage" tab and check "EMC VNX" as the product.       
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  •         Upload the VNX Performance files (NAZ/NAR files) using the "BROWSE YOUR FILES" button and after the uploading completes Submit the assessment:       
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  •         For Performance review: you can upload up to seven days of NAR or NAZ files (NAZ files are created when the Analyzer license is not installed on the array).     
  •         For Configuration review: you can upload one SPCollects from one Storage Processor (SPA or SPB).     
  •         For Sub-LUN skew: Collect FAST VP Statistics (VNX1 only)     






In order to gather VNX Performance logs (NAZ/NAR files) using Unisphere, please use this knowledge base article   
    In order to gather SPCollects, please use this knowledge base articles