Cisco Connectrix MDS : some show tech-support and other commands failing


   Article Number:     497138                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Connectrix MDS-9148S,Connectrix MDS-9396S,Connectrix MDS-9250i,Connectrix MDS-Series Firmware 6.X 6.2(17)





1) Some show tech-support commands that collect information from module 1 fail.    
    2) Unable to attach to module 1 via the slot or attach commands.   
    example : show logging onboard txwait :   
        Module:  1   
    System is not ready. Please retry when system is ready.   
    Press F and hit <Enter> to start shell in Forced mode.   
    [Note: Shell may not be fully functional in Forced mode]   
    Could not communicate with the system. Terminating ...   
    This issue only occurs on certain MDS fabric switches (Cisco MDS 9148S, MDS 9250i, MDS 9396S platforms)






Bug in NX-OS 6.2(17) for Connectrix MDS 9148S, 9250i and 9396S switches   
    Cisco bugID CSCux20090 in NX-OS






Workaround - reboot the switch or open Cisco TAC for non disruptive fix using dplug   
    Permanent Fix - upgrade to fixed version of code : NX-OS 7.3(0)D1(1) or higher






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