Connectrix Brocade B-Series: CMCNE 14.2.1 error Failed: Device match not found for input device with Serial Number xxxxxxxxxxx-CM and Product CONNECTRIX-GW (Dell EMC Correctable)


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After upgrading to CMCNE 14.2.1 there is a 'Send Test' button available.   
    After clicking the Send Test button, the customer will get the following error message:   
    "Failed: Device match not found for input device with Serial Number ASW0000xxxx-CM and Product CONNECTRIX-GW"






Starting with CMCNE 14.x  the ConnectEMC application for call home of Connectrix B-Series devices is no longer in use.   
    Instead, the CMCNE REST API Client is used to both deploy Connectrix B-Series devices and send call homes to the REST API Server on the ESRS Gateway.   
    For this a valid CMCNE Serial Number is required.  This Serial Number has to be part of Install Base and needs to have a valid contract.






Upgrade to CMCNE 14.2.1                                                           






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