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   Article Number:     502976                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ScaleIO Product Family






      All disks on an SDS show errored in ScaleIO.     
      Dmesg and kernel messages file show:   

      megasas: FW in FAULT state!!Dmesg and kernel messages output contains the following:    
      RHEL1:/ # dmesg |grep -i mega[  454.940646] megasas: 06.700.06.00-rc1 Sat. Aug. 31 17:00:00 PDT 2013[  454.940667] megasas: 0x1000:0x005d:0x152d:0x89cb: bus 11:slot 0:func 0[  454.941312] megasas: Waiting for FW to come to ready state[  454.941317] megasas: FW in FAULT state!![  454.941323] megaraid_sas 0000:0b:00.0: megasas: FW restarted successfully from megasas_init_fw![  484.924762] megasas: Waiting for FW to come to ready state[  484.924768] megasas: FW in FAULT state!!RHEL1:/ #    

      Storcli/Perccli is unable to communicate with the card, and will likely output one of the following:   

      RHEL1:/ # storcli /c0 showController = 0Status = FailureDescription = Controller 0 not foundRHEL1:/ #    


      RHEL1:/ # storcli showStatus Code = 0Status = SuccessDescription = NoneNumber of Controllers = 0RHEL1:/ #    



      Disks connected to RAID controller not visible in operating system, and therefore show as inaccessible/errored in ScaleIO.   


      Storcli will be unable to communicate with RAID controller.   







RAID Controller HW or FW failure                                                           







      If Quanta, ScaleIO L2 should dispatch to field to FRU the chassis.    


      If Dell, ScaleIO  L2 should follow established procedure to replace the bad PERC component.   


      After FRU, the new controller will see the existing disks' configuration as foreign.     


      Run the following command to import the foreign config:   

      RHEL1:/ # storcli /c0 /fall import    

      The disks will again be visible to the OS, and therefore ScaleIO.