PowerPath Management Appliance Integration with ESRS/VE


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PowerPath Management Appliance 2.2






      After successful installation of PowerPath Management Appliance, follow this procedure to enable or disable the Secure Remote Services/Virtual Edition (ESRS/VE) component in PowerPath Management Appliance.   


      1. Browse to System > Settings, and then select the ESRS Gateway Settings tab.     
      2. Select to enable or disable ESRS/VE.     
                ESRS/VE is enabled by default.     
      3. Type the ESRS/VE gateway information and then type username and password.     
      4. Click Update.     
      Results: The procedure adds PowerPath Management Appliance as a device to ESRS/VE, and reporting served licenses usage begins.     
      - You must have a have PowerPath UI-enabled served license in order to receive license usage reports. (SWID from Powerpath/VE license file will be used as serial number during registration)     
      - Username and Password are customer SSO credentials     
        1.     The product S/N  Must be in a status of Installed, Awaiting Customer install or Shipped and product site number must be associated with the ESRS P/N     
        2.     The customer user must have a contact relationship to the Oracle Site ID, and must have web support and admin access rights enabled in Salesforce .     
        3.     The customer must have a registered EMC Online account (SSO registered account) with proper synchronization to LDAP