SourceOne Email Management -  Exchange Shortcut Historical, Restore Shortcuts and  Update Shortcut activities fail after processing 500 messages and takes up to an hour to stop


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SourceOne shortcut historical/restore shortcuts/update shortcuts activities fail after processing 500 messages.    
    Due to continues errors, jobs are signaled to stop but they continue to run for 1 hour without doing anything before they stop.    
    SourceOne EMCShortcutRestoreJBC.exe.log file reports error messages similar to the following:-   

      CEmcShortcutRestoreThread::Run|ERROR-LOGD|Shortcut Restore failed for message, Subject: <EmailSubject> , Received Date: 2016-11-07T11:14:40,  Message Class: 65, From: N/A, Message Id: 59C0FC1F54F9E06DCD5136D3F329C518C062ECF845B6225B00 Error Code: 0x80040305 (0x8604110C)|CEmcShortcutRestoreThread.cpp(189)|Job Id: 734550; Activity Name: Test_Activity_5; Activity Id: 980; Activity Type: 33; ES1WORKER1    
    At the same time Exchange Mailbox server will have following event recorded in application event log:    
      Log Name:      Application Source:        MSExchangeIS Date:          2/13/2017 12:45:13 PM Event ID:      9646 Task Category: MAPI Level:         Error Keywords:      Classic User:          N/A Computer: Mapi session /o=COMPANY/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYABCDEDFSF2FST)/cn=Recipients/cn=daedsfe82472dfsffeferdfabda5e3a-SourceOneService with client type MoMT exceeded the maximum of 500 objects of type Folder.     






This problem is caused by software defect cited under SDR 60857, SDR 60938 and SDR 61021                                                           






This issue is resolved in Hotfix Bundles (HFBs) or Service Pack versions on or higher than (7.2.5 GA)    
    A Hotfix is also available for EMC SourceOne Email Management   
    Hotfix Bundles and Service Pack kits are available for download via, Please note, Hotfixes are only available for the most current patch or Service Pack versions of the product that were available when this problem was resolved.   
    *** Please note that When installing Hot Fix Bundles (HFBs) they must be installed in order for ALL fixes to be correctly applied.   
    *** Please note that it is always recommended to upgrade to the latest version of the SourceOne release, service pack and Hot Fix Bundle to ensure all currently resolved issues will be fixed including the issue as stated above