How to apply hot fixes Avamar ESA for CVE-2017-12611

Article Number: 504735

Article Title and Link for Registered Users: How to apply hot fixes Avamar ESA for CVE-2017-12611

Affected Product(s): Avamar Server 7.3.0-226,Avamar Virtual Edition 7.3.0-226,Avamar Server 7.3.1-125,Avamar Virtual Edition 7.3.1-125,Avamar Server 7.5.0-183,Avamar Virtual Edition 7.5.0-183,Avamar Server 7.4.1-58,Avamar Virtual Edition 7.4.1-58

Article Summary: The goal of this KB Article is to provide instructions for customers to download and install hot fixes for their Avamar systems to address the ESA for CVE-2017-12611. This KB article can be used to install the following hot fixes on the associated Avamar SW versions ...

Article Last Updated: October 27, 2017

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