NVP-vProxy Plugin Install from NMC fails with message failed to install vCenter plugin


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NVP-vProxy Plugin Install from NMC on NetWorker 9.x fails with message failed to install vCenter plugin   







Installing the NetWorker NVP-vProxy vCenter plugin is done from the NMC in the Protection Screen by right-clicking on 'VMware View' and selecting 'Install vCenter Plugin'   
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    This fails with the following Message:   
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To find out why this fails, a debug log file of the operation needs to be generated by using the following steps:   
    1) On the NMC client, type "javaws -viewer". In the Java Control Panel, go to Advanced tab -> Java console -> select 'Show Console'.   
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    2) Start NMC again --> http://NMC server:9000. When the Java console opens, click inside the box and type '5'.   
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    3) Once logged into the NMC, Try to Install the plugin again.   
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    4) Copy the java debug output to a notepad file using the ‘copy’ button in the console and examine it.   
    Found this in the logs:   
    network: Connecting https://nwserver1:9090/ebr-server/networker/session/connect" https://nwserver1:9090/ebr-server/networker/session/connect with proxy=DIRECT   
    network: Connecting socket://nwserver1:9090 with proxy=DIRECT   
    java.net.UnknownHostException: nwserver1   
                    at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.connect(Unknown Source)   






The 'UnknownHostException' is being generated because the NetWorker server host (in this case called nwserver1) was not known to the NMC client.  Adding the ip address and hostname of the NetWorker server to the NMC client's hosts file resolved the issue.  The NMC client is the host whose browser you are using to access the NMC server.