NVP-vProxy:  FLR recovery fails to mount the backup image with error:  Management credentials for setting up export path were not configured


   Article Number:     500868                                   Article Version: 2     Article Type:    Break Fix 




NetWorker 9.1,NetWorker 9.1.1





When performing an FLR recovery of a vProxy backup through the NMC Recover Tab the proxy is unable to mount the selected backup image.   

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      Check the vproxy_flr recovery log located in the following folder on the NetWorker server:       
      C:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\logs\adhoc\nsrvproxy_flr     
      There is an error posted about Management credentials not being configured:     
      155854:nsrvproxy_flr: Starting Saveset Mount...       
        155858:nsrvproxy_flr: Mounting Saveset Id '9803ba11-00000006-ad388579-59388579-00545000-92010156' on vCenter 'vCenter_Server' at VM 'vm-name(vm-##)' using NetWorker server 'NetWorker_Server' for user 'root'.       
        162830:nsrvproxy_flr: Mount Job Id '320082'.       
        167477:nsrvproxy_flr: Unable to retrieve device information for mount of clone 1496876409 of saveset 2906162553: Management credentials for setting up export path were not configured on NSR Data Domain 'Data_Domain'.       
        164881:nsrvproxy_flr: Operation completed with errors.







      The Data Domain Management Credentials have not been configured.  So the FLR recovery is unable to proceed with the mount of the exported backup image.       
      Note: This issue will also cause Instant Access Recoveries to fail.   


      See Dell EMC KB:  489573NVP-vProxy: Instant access restore fails with Management credentials error      








      Follow the directions in the EMC NetWorker VMWare Integration Guide 9.1.x.  In the Section:  Recover virtual machines and data > Entering management credentials for the Data Domain resource (instant recovery and User mode file-level restore only)     
      Enter the Management Credentials for the Data Domain Unit in the highlighted fields shown below.   



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      a. In the Management host field, specify the hostname of the Data Domain system that is used for management commands.     
      b. In the Management user field, specify the username for a Data Domain user that has admin access. For example, sysadmin. The Management user should have Data Domain administrator privileges.     
      c. In the Management password field, specify the password of the management user.     
      d. In the Management port field, specify the management port. By default, the port is 3009.   






NOTE:  If Performing the FLR recovery via the NetWorker Server FLR interface, the recovery will post an error about being Unable to browse destination.  Click on the "Details" slider to see a similar error about the Management Credentials.   

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