Pixtools Extensive Sample

The Pixtools libraries offers a broad range of scanning capabilities, but the major features are often scattered across many samples both here on the EDN/ISIS page and in the Pixtools samples.  So over the past few months, I've created a comprehensive sample that succinctly shows how to implement the following features:


* Selecting a scanner

* Launching the driver dialog

* Doing a simple scan

* Displaying images

* Displaying thumbnails

* Implementing a multi-stream scan

* Importing images

* Launching the image enhancement dialog

* Applying the selected image enhancement filters

* How to annotate an image with text using various fonts

* How to use the threshold filter

* Converting images from one type to another

* Zooming

* Printing


The code is written in C# and compiles with Pixtools.NET version 8.4.  If you need to compile this sample with an older version of PixTools.NET, the using statement for PixTools.Dialogs needs to be changed to support the older library organization.  The sample also includes a Visual Studio 2008 project, meaning it won't compile in Visual Studio 2005.  However it is possible to downgrade a Visual Studio project file from 2008 to 2005.