ScaleIO 2.0: How to change the MDM Management IP address


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How to change the Management IP's in ScaleIO   
    All the command needs to be run from Primary MDM   
    The below command is only to change the Management IP in ScaleIO cluster.   
    Step 1 ) Login to Primary MDM   
    Steps 2) Change the Management IP's on all the Slave MDM's with the below command,   
    scli --modify_management_ip --target_mdm_id <MDM_ID> --new_mdm_management_ip <slave_mdm's>   
    Step 3) Switch cluster ownership   
    scli --switch_mdm_ownership --new_master_mdm_id <MDM_ID>   
    Step 4) Change the Management IP's on the only Slave MDM which was Primary MDM when the first command was run   
    scli --modify_management_ip --target_mdm_id <MDM_ID> --new_mdm_management_ip <Slave MDM which was primary MDM  in first step>   
    If you modify MDM IP addresses, ensure that you implement this change in all components and interfaces that are mapped to the MDM.   
    For example:   
    GUI: In the Login window, log in using the new IP address, and clear the old IP address from the history, if it is now obsolete.   
    REST Gateway and OpenStack: Modify the mapping in the REST Gateway to the new management IP address   
    SDCs: Usually we use the Data IP's, but in case you are using Management IP, you might need to ensure on SDC node to point to the new MDM IP   
    vSphere: Using the vSphere web plug-in interface, unregister the ScaleIO system, and re-register it with the new IP address.   
    Refer to kb 484205 in case if you like to change or add Data IP's in ScaleIO