RecoverPoint: auth.Log Filling Up the /var Directory


   Article Number:     497106                                   Article Version: 6     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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The /var partition is filling to capacity which might cause all RecoverPoint accounts from being inaccessible   
    Run the root command df -h  (disk space usage), in order to verify whether the /var partition is full or approaching full. An example is listed below   
    RecoverPoint--RPA1:/root# df -h   
    Filesystem     1K-blocks     Used         Available       Use%     Mounted on   
    rootfs                991512       512056     428256          55%        /   
    /dev/sda6        4908544      734104    3918440         16%        /usr   
    /dev/sda5         991512      668016      272296          97%       /var






The auth.log is not rotated and it is resulting in the /var partition filling. When it becomes too full, logging into the RPA becomes problematic and an access denied message is received.                                                           






 Workaround :   
    A solution exists for this issue but intervention from DELL EMC technical support personnel is required. Support personnel must access your RPA via root access to clear out files. Contact the DELL EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative for technical assistance and reference this DELL EMC knowledgebase solution ID.   
    Permanent fix:   

      This issue is addressed in the RecoverPoint 4.4.1 version.   


      To determine whether an upgrade is appropriate for your environment, contact the Dell EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative and reference this solution ID.