PowerPath: How to install PowerPath 6.1 on a Windows Server 2016 server in a boot from SAN environment from a VNX LUN


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PowerPath for Windows 6.1





On a new server follow the following steps:-   
    1. Present a lun and make sure it is presented with a single path.   
    2. Install Windows Server 2016 on it.   
    3. Install MPIO from Server Manager    
    Open Server Manager. ...   
    In the Server Manager tree, click Features.   
    In the Features area, click Add Features.   
    In the Add Features Wizard, on the Select Features page, select the Multipath I/O check box, and then click Next.   
    4. Reboot the server for MPIO to be installed.   
    5. Check in MPIO if you see any of the DSMs installed.   
    If not, then click on Add and add DGC under the Device followed by 5 spaces to make it total 8 characters including blank spaces and under the Hardware ID, add the hardware. Example: RAID 10 or RAID 5 or VRAID followed by blank spaces to make it a total of 16 characters and click OK and reboot the server.   
    Here is an example to add such devices in MPIO in Vendor 8 and Product 16 format:   
          Add DGC followed by 5 blank spaces, then by RAID 10 followed by 9 blank spaces. Click OK.   
          Add DGC followed by 5 blank spaces, then by RAID 5 followed by 10 blank spaces. Click OK.   
          Add DGC followed by 5 blank spaces, then by VRAID followed by 11 blank spaces. Click OK.   
    Once you add all the devices, reboot the Server.   
    6. After reboot of the server, collect EMC grabs and check in the MPIO folder and verify, disk_info.txt file in the MPIO folder and verify that it shows the boot lun managed by Microsoft DSM.   
    7. In case it is not managed by Microsoft DSM and you see the following information:-   
        InstanceName* = "ROOT\MPIO\0000_0"   
        NumberDrives = 0x0   
        DriveInfo = <null>    
    there is problem with the MPIO and you may try to uninstall MPIO, reboot the server, reinstall MPIO and check or else contact Microsoft technical support.   
    8. If the step 6 above is verified, install powerpath and reboot the server twice.   
    9. Present other devices and multiple paths and make sure Powerpath is able to see them.   
    10. You may thereafter reboot the server last time to verify everything is working fine.