RecoverPoint: Call Home Events Trigger and Loop Continuously


   Article Number:     499608                                   Article Version: 6     Article Type:    Break Fix 




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Various Call Home Events, also known as Dial Home Events, trigger constantly in a looping pattern when no evidence they actually occurred.        
        A few examples of the looping alerts are listed below.  Please note, this is not a complete list and the symptoms would need to be investigated to confirm whether the event was a legitimate event or a false positive:       
        EXAMPLE #1:
      Recurring system error and fix: Events 12002 [Error occurred in all links to the other site; the other site may be down.] and 14002 [All links to other site restored.] were logged two times in 1 hour.     
      EXAMPLE #2:     
      RPA error without fix when cluster size is greater than two: Although event 12047 [RPA network interface card (NIC) problem.] was logged, event 14047 [RPA network interface card (NIC) problem corrected.] was not logged, within 3 hours of the first event.       
      Management Log       
        In management logs it's possible to see additional print changing the tweak "t_logPrintFlexFilter" from false to true on all RPAs, and reboot.       
        After the tweak enabled we will see in management logs:
      FlexFilter:  eventToCallHome = Option(0x7f827bdb2200) currentTime = 1493613781677044       
        FlexFilter: In FlexFilter_AO_IMPL::callHome() severity = CALL_HOME_EVENT_ERROR description = Error Event 8300 [Cluster Configuration is not available] was logged       
        duplicateSuppressionTime = 48 logEvent = (uniqueId=6xxxxxxx, eventTime=1489341813230590), EventID_FEZICK_STATE_FAILED(8300),SiteUID(0x3c8xxxxxxx), RPA1 lastCallHomeTime = 1493440964699751
      When the difference between currentTime and eventTime is larger then duplicateSuppressionTime.       
        Note that currentTime and eventTime is time stamps that need to be converted into human date to calculate if it's larger then duplicateSuppressionTime.






The issue is caused by an issue in the code which is responsible for sending call home event information. Due to an issue in this logic, the events trigger over and over without end, causing false positive alerts.                                                           






        A solution exists for this issue but intervention from EMC technical support personnel is required. A specific account is required to execute this command. Contact the Dell EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative for technical assistance and reference this Dell EMC knowledgebase solution ID.

      This issue is addressed in the RecoverPoint 5.1 version.   


      To determine whether an upgrade is appropriate for your environment, contact the Dell EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative and reference this solution ID.