Data Domain upgrade failed: file system shutdown error


   Article Number:     502931                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Domain





During a DDOs upgrade, you can experience a rare race condition which causes the Filesystem to not be able to shutdown in preparation for the DDOS upgrade to take place.  You will see an alert saying the filesystem failed to cleanly shutdown & a core generated.   
    Example of typical output:   

        # system upgrade start x.x.x.x-xxxxxx.rpmThe 'system upgrade' command upgrades the Data Domain OS.  File accessis interrupted during the upgrade.  The system reboots automaticallyafter the upgrade.        Are you sure? (yes|no) [no]: yesok, proceeding.Upgrade in progress:Node   Severity   Issue                           Solution----   --------   ------------------------------  --------0      INFO       Upgrade time est: 60 mins----   --------   ------------------------------  --------Node 0: phase 2/4 (Install   28%) waiting for file system shutdown**** Upgrade failed: file system shutdown error.      
      Output from     
        dd_upgrade: INFO: Event posted: p0-31 (1100001f:285212703): EVT-UPGRADE-00002: Upgrade failure occurred.ddr_stated: INFO: Event posted: m0-14 (2100000e:553648142): EVT-FILESYS-00004: The filesystem failed to shutdown cleanly.      






The shutdown error can usually be safely ignored.  For commands that failed due to this shutdown error, they can succeed if issued again.   
    If problem persists, please contact your Service Provider for assistance.