Free Isilon Fundamentals 2017 e-Learning

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This Isilon Fundamentals 2017 course provides an introduction and basic understanding of the Dell EMC Isilon scale-out Storage Platform. It includes an overview of the Isilon architecture, features, and functionality.




This course is intended for professionals who will be designing, deploying, managing and supporting Isilon storage platforms. It is also suitable for anyone seeking to establish a basic understanding of the Isilon platforms.



Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

  • Ethernet and TCP/IP networking (e.g. Switch management, VLANs, IP addressing and routing)
  • Basic Microsoft Windows user, file and domain administration
  • Basic UNIX/Linux user and file management
  • Storage concepts and technology



Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss the Isilon scale-out NAS platform offered by EMC and the business requirements it is designed to meet
  • Explain Isilon architecture
  • Describe Isilon hardware options
  • Describe Isilon features and software modules



Course Outline

This course is designed to support the course objectives. The following focus areas are included:


  • Storage Overview
    • Data Storage Growth
    • Block storage vs File Storage
    • NAS Design
  • Isilon Architecture Overview
    • Isilon cluster components
    • Isilon network architecture
    • Isilon OneFS overview
    • Data protection designs
  • Isilon Hardware Overview
    • Generation 5 and Generation 6 storage nodes and use case examples
    • Accelerator nodes
    • Storage node comparison
    • Self-Encrypting Drives
  • Isilon OneFS Operating System Features
    • Benefits of OneFS
    • Multi-Protocol File Access
    • Cluster Management
  • Data Management and Security
    • Data Distribution
    • Quota Management
    • Deduplication
    • Data Recovery
  • Big Data Details
    • Volume, Velocity, and Variety
    • The Data Lake Concept
    • CloudPools and Isilon SD Edge


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