Become a VxRail Xpert (open to partners!)

Join the growing VxRail Xpert Community


What is it? A community for VxRail Xperts who are advocates in their selling circles regardless of organizational alignment and position in his/her company. Although this forum is not exclusive to SE’s, it will focus on pre-sales efforts and initiatives. Our goal is to provide the information, knowledge and tools to cultivate consistency for architecting, sizing, and configuring any VxRail Appliance solution. This is not a forum for post-sales or customer support.


Who is eligible? Any Dell Technologies employee or Dell EMC partner who pass the VxRail Xpert assessment exam. VMware partners are welcome to join as long as they are also Dell EMC partners.


Why should I join?

There are many reasons to pass the assessment and join the VxRail Xpert crew, including:

  • A dedicated communication platform with other Xperts
  • Opportunity to provide feedback to the VxRail BU team
  • Early access to information (performance data, roadmaps and more...)
  • Special events for community members only
    • Intel announcements
    • Exclusive technology sessions
  • Exclusive VxRail Xpert promotional items

What are the responsibilities of a certified VxRail Xpert?

Collaborate: Share and learn with other Xperts

Participate: Stay active in the community

Stay smart: Be current, be knowledgeable and be relevant

Walk the talk: Be the Xpert in your selling circles


How do I join?

  1. Know your stuff - read, learn, and master VxRail technology by reviewing materials listed below
  2. Test your knowledge and pass the exam
  3. Receive your VxRail Xpert badge and invitation to join the Xpert crew


What should I study?

Focused Reading & Learning
VxRail Techbook…
VxRail Technical Presentation…
VxRail Network Guide…
VxRail Performance Sizing Guide Presentation…
VxRail Administration Guide…
Additional/Suggested Resources
VxRail Appliance Ordering and Licensing Guide…
VxRail vCenter Server Planning Guide…
VxRail Appliance Proof of Concept Guide…
VxRail Interactive Demo's VxRail 4.5 v2.5

How do I access the exam?

Contact KJ Bedard ( for partner validation. Those interested must send individual email. Every person is validated, certified and granted membership individually (no group acceptance). Send your official company name, complete corporate address, your party ID, Affinity, or UCID. Once your partner status is validated, a CONFIDENTIAL exam link will be sent to your inbox.

  • You will execute the assessment exam through a SABA login.
  • Assessment details; 60 questions, 90 minutes to complete, 75% for passing score, unlimited retakes.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions upon completion of the exam. The process is not automated.

Good luck!