VxRail 4.7 Customer Enabled, Pre-Engagement Questionnaire (PEQ) (PEQ)

Visibility: Open to anyone

The VxRail Pre-Engagement Questionnaire (PEQ) is a VB Macro enabled (excel based) data collection tool, enabling users to document the PS project installation parameters and to facilitate the communication between the different teams from Pre-Sales through Delivery. The PEQ is intended to ensure the customer’s readiness and generate a VxRail appliance JSON to perform the installation and configuration of the VxRail appliance. @moffett_timothy

  • (GA Release) v4.7.300.r20191031 (Supports VxRail versions 4.5, 4.5.1xx-4.5.3xx, 4.7.0xx, 4.7.1xx-4.7.2xx and 4.7.300)

This build incorporates the summary items below and including a new restricted mode. It is implemented intentionally for application stability.


New Features and Capabilities:


  • Internal VC SSO (Join SSO/SSO Domain) on Customer and Cluster Tabs
  • Port Group Binding in ESXi section on Customer and Cluster Tabs
  • ESXi vMotion & VSAN Optional Gateway on Customer and Cluster Tabs
  • NVT JSON Export now uses Universal PEQ Data File on Cover Page Tab
  • Cell Cut/Copy/Paste functions from external data and field cell color high-light
  • Numerous feature enhancements and bug fixes
  • VCF alignment with VCF Deployment Workbook 
  • Advanced networking alignment with PEQ Networking Addendum 
  • Firewall Ports and DNS Rules Export
  • Integration with Network Validation Tool (NVT) and Fabric Design Center (FDC)
  • Customer Mode enabling a simplified set of data entry parameter fields