ViPR Controller : Creation of a VPLEX distributed lun fails with Status 524: Infinite or NaN


   Article Number:     496362                                   Article Version: 5     Article Type:    Break Fix 




ViPR Controller,VPLEX Series,VPLEX Metro,VPLEX GeoSynchrony 6.0 Patch 1,VPLEX GeoSynchrony 6.0 Patch 2,VPLEX GeoSynchrony 6.0 Service Pack 1





A ViPR Order to create a VPLEX distributed LUN fails with the following error :   
    Error 18000: An error occurred while executing a job in the VPLEX device       
        Request to create distributed device failed with Status 524: Infinite or NaN






This error is related to an issue with the VPLEX management console which is rejecting valid commands passed from ViPR Controller.   
    This is a know issue.The reason for the NaN problem is currently believed to be CST JNI native code not being thread-safe and corrupting the FPU registers and interfering with other java threads that need to use the FPU (such as for double numbers).






The second VPLEX in Metro configuration was recently upgraded from a VS2 to a VS6.                                                           







      Restart the VPLEX management console on the VPLEX cluster that ViPR runs the create distributed volume command.     
      This process is non-disruptive to I/O yet there will be an interruption to the VPLEX GUI and CLI for about     
      1 to 2 minutes as the VPlexManagementConsole service stablizes..     
      For more details on how to restart the VPLEX Management Console service refer to KB VPLEX: How to restart VPlexManagementConsole to refresh VPLEX CLI/GUI     
      Permanent Fix:     
      This issue is fixed in VPLEX GeoSynchrony code version 6.0 Service Pack 1 Patch 4.