ScaleIO: Registering ScaleIO with ESRS fails with ESRS_CREDENTIALS_INVALID


   Article Number:     494767                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 










.\SioGWTool.bat --register_esrs_gateway --scaleio_gateway_ip i.j.k.l --scaleio_gateway_user admin --scaleio_gateway_password *****--esrs_gateway_ip a.b.k.l --esrs_gateway_user <email_address> --esrs_gateway_password ***** --connect_in_ip x.y.k.lOperation failed: Error Code: ESRS_CREDENTIALS_INVALIDError message: response code: 500     






Please have this checked:   
    1. ESRS GW and SIO GW/MDM should ping successfully   
    2. Test 'curl -k host' from SIO GW to ESRS GW and ensure this is working successfully   
    3. Site ID should be added to ESRS configuration   
    4. Account used should have been verified logging on Support portal. Account has admin rights on Internal Contact for the site ID   
    Ensure you use emcsupport credentials in the --esrs_gateway_user & --esrs_gateway_password   
    5. features.enable_esrs=true set up on   
    6. ScaleIO license installed   
    7. Check if we are able to login to GW with the username and password. If its failing, please refer kb 478821   
    8. Ensure MDM certificate is approved. Refer kb 484522   
    9. ESRS Gateway v3.08 or higher is installed   
    10. ESRS Gateway is able to connected to SIO Cluster via port 9443.   
    To troubleshoot refer to scaleio.log and scaleio-trace.log available on the ScaleIO Gateway







*** scaleio-trace.log ***2017-01-13 09:11:00,542 [http-nio-443-exec-6] INFO c.e.scaleio.esrsmanager.EsrsManager - In ESRSManager.registerESRSGateway2017-01-13 09:11:00,542 [http-nio-443-exec-6] DEBUG c.e.s.esrsmanager.ESRSConnector - In ESRSConnector.registerDevice2017-01-13 09:11:00,543 [http-nio-443-exec-6] DEBUG - created:$MBassadorEventBus@2ecbb3582017-01-13 09:11:00,544 [command-service-thread-0] WARN c.e.e.c.service.CommandService - unexpected problem during connection opening: Connection unexpected problem during connection opening: Connection refused2017-01-13 09:11:00,544 [http-nio-443-exec-6] DEBUG - created:$MBassadorEventBus@344af0ce2017-01-13 09:11:00,548 [command-service-thread-0] WARN c.e.e.c.service.CommandService - Server's certificate is not 09:11:00,549 [http-nio-443-exec-6] DEBUG c.e.s.e.ESRSConfigurationManager - Getting serial number :2017-01-13 09:11:00,549 [http-nio-443-exec-6] DEBUG c.e.s.esrsmanager.ESRSConnector - Sending message to ESRS Server forcedIp: url: /esrs/v1/devices/ScaleIO/2017-01-13 09:11:00,602 [http-nio-443-exec-6] WARN o.s.web.client.RestTemplate - POST request for "" resulted in 401 (Unauthorized); invoking error handler2017-01-13 09:11:00,603 [http-nio-443-exec-6] ERROR c.e.s.esrsmanager.ESRSConnector - Couldn't send message on preferred\forced preferred: Forced IP: Return status: 401org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException: 401 Unauthorized- It seems that the SN is not shown as per the trace:2017-01-13 09:11:00,549 [http-nio-443-exec-6] DEBUG c.e.s.e.ESRSConfigurationManager - Getting serial number :