Data Protection Advisor: How to move the Data Protection Advisor (DPA) installation to different servers?


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The basic method of moving the current Data Protection Advisor (DPA) installation to a different set of servers is to install a fresh DPA installation on the new servers and then to import in a database export from the old DPA setup.   
    This procedure assumes the installation location for DPA application will be the same as the existing Application, for example C:\Program Files\EMC\DPA. Additional configuration is required if installing DPA APP to a different path. See Notes below.   
    The import will bring in all data and DPA server configurations from the old DPA setup.    
    Note: This does not affect or change existing Agent setups and configurations remote to the DPA Application and Datastore server's Agents.  The Agent configurations for all remote Agents may require changes to point to the new DPA setup.   
    The steps below can be followed to accomplish this. Note, there can be some variations and considerations with some of the steps.   
    1. Check you have two new servers for DPA, one for the new Application (APP) and one for the new Datastore (DS).   
    2. On the original DPA APP server run the CLI command "dpa app ver", this will output the DPA version and patch level that is installed.   
    3. Download the install binaries for the patch and version that the above command indicates to the new DPA servers.   
    4. On the new APP server ensure that ports 9002 and 3741 are open, on the new DS ensure that ports 9003 and 3741 are open.   
    5. Install the DPA Datastore on the new DS server.   
    6. Install the DPA Application on the new APP server.   
    7. Once the new DPA APP has started, log into the DPA GUI on the new APP server to ensure that it is working correctly. Then log out of the DPA GUI and stop the new APP's service.   
    8. Shut down the original DPA APP service.  This will stop data from being sent to the original DS server and to its database. Wait a few minutes (5-10) to ensure the original DS committed the last transactions from the original APP.   
    9. On the original DS server perform a DS export.  Run the CLI command  "dpa ds export". This will create a file with a name like datastore-6_2_3_268-2016-05-04-0713.  On DPA 6.3.x and higher, the export has changed and instead of a single file the command result will be a folder with a similar name.  Ensure that the export command completes successfully.   
    10. Copy the export file/folder from the original DS to the new DS server in the <dpa install directory>\dpa\services\bin (or any directory with the appropriate capacity).   
    11. On the new DS server run the CLI command  "dpa ds import <DS export file/directory name>".  This will import the export file/directory.   Wait for the import to complete successfully.   
    12. On the New DS server run the CLI command "dpa ds con", this will output the following:   
         [INFO] Service Bind Address(es)     :                      "This should be the address of the new DS server"   
                     Client(s) Address(es)           : 127.x.x.1/32                         "This should be the IPv4 loopback"   
                                                                    ::1/128                                  "This should be the IPv6 loopback"   
                                                                    127.x.x.x                              " The rest of the Ip's should be the new DS IP 3 times and the New APP IP once."   
    If these are not correct you will need to run the following commands as necessary to correct this output:   
             If the Service Bind Address is incorrect then run "dpa ds con -b <new DS IP address>"   
             If the New APP IP or the 3 New DS IP are missing run "dpa ds con -a <missing IP address>"   
             If there are old APP or DS addresses then delete them by running "dpa ds con -d <old IP address>"   
    13. If this is a DPA 6.3.0 or above install or you are upgrading to DPA 6.3.0 or above, you will need to set the dspassword.   
             On the DS server run this CLI command: "dpa ds pwd" this will prompt you to enter a password and then confirm that password.   
             On the APP server run this CLI command "dpa app dspwd" at the prompt enter the same password that you did on the DS server, these two must match for DPA to function.   
    14. On the New APP server run the CLI command "dpa app con", this will output the following:   
         [INFO] Bind Address         :                              "This should be"   
    ​     [INFO] Datastore Service  :                    "This should be the IP address of the New DS server"   
    ​     [INFO] Operation Mode     : STANDALONE                 "This should be standalone"   
    If the Datastore Service IP in not the New DS server then run the CLI command "dpa app con -m <new DS IP address>"   
    15. Start the new APP services, and log into the DPA GUI to ensure that all objects, reports, dashboards, and data form the original DPA setup is present.   
    16. If the IP/FQDN of the new DPA APP has changed, any remote Agents (not on the APP or DS) will have to be modified to point to the new APP server's IP address.   
    On all remote Agent nodes this can be modified by doing the following:   
           Navigate to <dpa install directory>\dpa\agent\etc   
           Edit the dpaagent_config.xml file, on the line with the server IP Address as below:   
           change this IP address to the new APP server IP address.   
           Save the changes and restart the DPA Agent service.   
    Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information.






For all CLI command:   
    On Windows run them from an administrator command prompt.   
    On Linux run as root or sudo form the <DPA install directory>\dpa\services\bin directory. On Linux the command will be ./ instead of dpa.   
    For installation of DPA Application on new host where the installation path is not the same as existing system additional configuration in the way of datastore updates is required. These instructions are detailed in article 494979. Reports are not sent by email after the DPA Application server is moved to a different Drive.