Data Protection Advisor: Estimated Protected Backup Capacity report shows much smaller size than data protected in backup server, DPA 6.3 and above.


   Article Number:     503468                                   Article Version: 3     Article Type:    Break Fix 




Data Protection Advisor 6.3,Data Protection Advisor 6.4





Running the Estimated Protected Backup Capacity report in DPA shows the protected size of data for a backup server, but when comparing this to the data on the backup server the DPA report has a much smaller size that the backup server is reporting.                                                           







      In DPA 6.3 and above, There were enhancements to the VMWare module, part of that enhancement changed data collection to capture both the 'Provisioned Size' and the 'Used Size' for each VM. The Estimated Protected Backup Capacity report was enhanced to use the "VM Used Size" so that this report is more accurate. Due to this monitoring of vCenter is required to populate VM data in this report. Without monitoring vCenter this report will only provide data on physical hosts size and will not contain any data on VM's, causing this report to show a much smaller size for protected data than the backup application.   







To resolve this issue, you will need to discover the vCenter(s) in DPA and assign data collection to all vCenter(s) to populate VM data in the Estimated Protected Backup Capacity report.   
    A VMWare license for DPA may be required to enable the ability of monitoring vCenter in DPA.   
    Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information.






See KB 000503306 also if you have no data in Estimated Protected Backup Capacity report.