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This course provides an introduction to the XtremIO X2 hardware and software. It includes an overview of the XtremIO X2 architecture, use cases, features, and management options including managing both X1 and X2 Clusters with an XtremApp 6.0 XMS.



This course is intended for professionals who will be positioning, designing, deploying, managing and/or supporting a solution using EMC XtremIO X2 with XIOS and XMS 6.0. It is also suitable for anyone seeking to learn the basics of the product.


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

  • Storage Fundamentals
  • TCP/IP networking and SAN Fundamentals
  • XtremIO Storage System Basics


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the XtremIO X2solution
  • Identify key use cases
  • Discuss the benefits of the XtremIO X2 solution
  • Describe XtremIO X2 architecture
  • Identify XtremIO X2 hardware components
  • Provide an overview of XtremIO X2 theory of operation
  • Describe XtremIO X2 features
  • Describe XtremIO X2 integration capabilities with EMC Eco-system products  and Virtual Environments
  • Describe XtremIO X2 native management and monitoring options
  • Discuss management through non-native options


Course Outline

The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives.

  • What is XtremIO X2
    • XtremIO V2 Software and Hardware
    • XtremIO X2 and X1 common features
    • No hardware upgrade from 4.x to 6.0
  • XtremIO Data Services
  • Use case for Databases, Data Warehousing, and Business Applications
  • Use case for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures
  • Use case for Virtual Servers and Cloud
  • XtremIO Building Blocks
  • X-Brick Overview and Terminology
  • Cluster offerings
  • Introduce components
  • Theory of operation – Fingerprinting the data
  • Mapping Table
  • Even Data Distribution
  • Read operation
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Deduplication and Compression
  • XtremIO Data Protection (XDP)
  • Encryption
  • Snapshots
  • Integration with EMC Eco-System
  • Replication using RecoverPoint
  • Integration with AppSync
  • Integration with Virtual Environments
  • Inter-operability with Microsoft
  • Integration with OpenStack
  • XtremIO WebUI
  • XtremIO CLI
  • XtremIO monitoring options
  • ViPR SRM SolutionPack
  • Management through Plug-ins


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