Data Protection Redefined! Modern, Integrated, Comprehensive and Low TCO

Data is exploding. Big data. Mobile data. Unstructured data. And it’s forcing an IT transformation across the world’s enterprises. At the same time, one of the biggest threads within that trend is data ownership moving from IT to lines of business. Yet IT is still expected to help protect their data — whether on-premises or in the cloud — from threats and noncompliance. That’s on top of also having to protect business-critical, enterprise data.


Doing so can be a tall order, mostly because of the complexity involved in meeting comprehensive data protection requirements for enterprises of all sizes. Different situations often require different point solutions, which frequently leads to data silos and fragmented protection patchworks with varying degrees of vulnerabilities. Of course, managing it all can be time-consuming, too.


Perhaps these reasons explain why an independent 2016 analysis of global organizations and their data protection readiness[1] found that:


  • 82% must transform data protection to keep pace with the fast-evolving IT landscape;
  • 36% suffered loss or downtime due to data security breaches,
  • Of those reporting data losses, the average annual cost is nearly $1 million.


To help remedy this situation, Dell EMC recently introduced the Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA). IDPA delivers converged data protection, including protection storage, protection software, search, and advanced monitoring and analytics — all in a single, easy to deploy and easy to manage package.


Available in four models, IDPA can meet the capacity and backup requirements of midsize and large enterprises. The entry-level configuration starts at 34 TB, and the high-end configuration scales up to 1 PB usable capacity. And, with average deduplication and the cloud-tiering for long-term retention, IDPA DP8800, our high-end model for large enterprises, can deliver up to 150 PB logical capacity.


IDPA’s advantages are threefold:


1. Converged and comprehensive: Customers can simplify their data protection landscape while safeguarding diverse applications. They can also seamlessly extend data protection to private or public clouds for long-term retention. IDPA’s combination of integrated hardware and software and pre-configured turnkey deployment can help them get up and running as much as 10 times faster than build-your-own approaches.


2. Fast and modern: As a next-generation solution for data protection, IDPA can deliver up to 20 percent faster performance than its closest competitor. That includes data recovery, which can be instant for virtual data workloads, thanks to flash technology. IDPA also supports modern applications and platforms, including MongoDB, Hadoop and MySQL. What’s more, it’s optimized for virtual environments, such as VMware and Hyper-V, enabling compliance with the stringent RPO/RTO requirements of VMware environments.


3. High value and low TCO: IDPA offers industry-leading deduplication with an average 55:1 data reduction rate. Compared to its leading competitors, it can deliver four times the scalability for growing workloads, while delivering a lower TCO.


At Dell EMC World in May, Raphael Meyerowitz, assistant vice president of Data Center Services at Presidio, the Dell EMC 2017 Partner of the Year, had this to say about the IDPA for all-in-one data protection:


Dell EMC IDPA’s holistic approach to data protection will enable our customers to greatly simplify and lower the overall cost of their data protection environment. With faster deployment; a modern, simple, integrated environment; cloud-tiering for long-term retention; leading performance; and four configurations with easy scaling to fit the needs of any organization, our customers can have the peace of mind that IDPA will be able to meet their data protection needs today and tomorrow.”


As a Dell EMC partner, you now have in IDPA a simplified and extremely cost-effective way to give your customers much more confidence that their data and investment are fully protected. With it, you can help them build a trusted foundation on which to transform their IT data protection in concert with their lines of business. And IDPA can help your customers do that with modern, next-gen applications, no matter where those data workloads might be located — on-premises or in public, private, or hybrid clouds.


For more information on Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance, check out the short video and also the web page.




[1] Dell EMC Global Data Protection Readiness Research, July 2016.