VxRail Site Preparedness Enablement

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Welcome to your VxRail Site Preparedness Enablement site!


This site has been developed in an effort to ensure that when your VxRail Appliance hits your raised floor, your environment, and our Project Team, will be ready to expedite its’ implementation. You will find detailed how-to guides, best practice procedures, and more on what needs to be defined and created to ensure a successful deployment. Please note that at any time you need help with your site preparation, Dell EMC is here to help! 


Most of our customers who are touching this site, may have either finalized their purchase, or are in the planning stage of their first VxRail Appliance deployment so there are numerous avenues to garner additional support before your Design & Implementation (D&I) team gets assigned to you. Please review a couple of the support options available to you below:


Site Readiness Support:

  • Reach out to your Sales Engineer or Account Manager
  • Network Configuration Help?
    • Talk to your Sales team about our various network service offerings to help with your Switch Configuration and more…


Customer Training:


VxRail Security and Firewall Guidelines


Dell EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines - Security Configuration Guide

  • RecoverPoint for VMs provides a comprehensive data protection solution for enterprise and commercial customers, providing integrated business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to recover application data to any point in time. This guide provides an overview of the security provisions and settings available in RecoverPoint for VMs, particularly of the operating system and the network.


Register for Online Support

    • Dell EMC Online Support is the gateway to MyService360TM and your personalized, proactive, predictive support experience. Online Support offers advanced tools and capabilities that empower you to quickly and proactively resolve technical questions and manage and optimize your legacy EMC environment. Access global technical support professionals and repositories of knowledge and expertise - 24x7. Resources include product-specific information, software license activation, Service Request creation and management, self-help tools, downloads, and technical support via Live Chat.
      • Please download the attached Support Site Registration Guide for details on how to do this very important step: Once registered, download our MOBILE App for support on the go.


  VxRail QuickStart Guide

o  A high level “checklist” that will provide you with an overall understanding of what is needed for site readiness to ensure the success of your impending project.

vCenter Server Planning Guide

o  This planning guide discusses guidance for the various vCenter Server deployment options supported on VxRail Appliances

VxRail Networking Guide

o  This is a planning and consideration guide for VxRail Appliances. It can be used to better understand the networking required for VxRail implementation.

VxRail 4.5 & 4.7 Pre-Engagement Questionnaire (PEQ)

VxRail 4.0 to 4.0.5x Pre-Engagement Questionnaire (PEQ)

o The Pre-Engagement Questionnaire (PEQ) will allow you to start populating various details about your contact details, your site, as well as some initial requests for IP addressing, sizing, and more that will be needed to complete your VxRail project. If you have any questions about the material, or what is needed to deploy VxRail, please contact our VxRail Account Manager, Sales Engineer (SE), or your vArchitect for additional support.


Network Validation Tool (NVT)

o  The Network Validation Tool is a lightweight Dell software tool that is run before system deployment to ensure that the environment is ready for deployment.

        • Validations vary from NVT to NVT. Please see the User Guide of the NVT for your product.
          • Validations include but are not limited to:
            • DNS reachability and lookup
            • NTP reachability and synchronisation
            • IP availability and reachability
            • Switch configuration
            • Edge ports configuration
            • Spanning-tree configuration
            • VLAN configuration
              • And more...!!!





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