Share ViPR SRM Custom Reports with SRM Reports Cloud

Are you looking for a reporting solution that you don’t see in the out-of-the-box reports?

Have you developed custom reports that could benefit other ViPR SRM users?

Try the SRM Reports Cloud!


SRM Reports Cloud is a community app for sharing ViPR SRM report definitions--the XML definition of a report. Download report definitions submitted by other users, and import them into your ViPR SRM report tree, where they will run just like any other report in the tree. You can also submit your own report solutions for others to use. 


In addition to downloading or uploading XML files, the Reports Cloud app lets you browse through snapshots of submitted reports, search for a report based on tags or other attributes, read report descriptions, rate or comment on submissions, see who the submitter is, or contact the submitter.


Many of the reports are submitted by ViPR SRM experts at Dell EMC. However, SRM Reports Cloud is intended as a community contributory  application, so please submit your unique reporting solutions! 


Browsing and Downloading Reports

1. Go to

2. If not already logged into a Dell EMC support account, do so now.

3. In the left navigation, click Browse All Reports.  Optionally complete the search filters to narrow the display. The result is a set of thumbnail cards, one card per report, showing report titles, submitter name, and compatible ViPR SRM versions.

          <click the image to enlarge>


NOTE: To start over with the filters, click Dashboard, and then Browse All Reports.

4. Click the i icon in a thumbnail for more information about a report.


5. Review the full description of the report provided by the submitter, its ratings, comments, and versions.

6. Click Download Report XML to download the report definition.


Importing a Report Definition into ViPR SRM

  1. Log into ViPR SRM with an Admin account.
  2. Click Modifications -> Edit Reports. (Prior to 4.1, click EDIT MODE.)
  3. In the left pane, select  My Reports or a node under My Reports.
  4. In  the banner of the right pane, click Profile->View Profile->Custom Reports. (Prior to 4.1, click Settings ->Custom Tree.)
  5. Under Upload a Branch, click Browse and locate the XML file you downloaded from SRM Reports Cloud.
  6. In Conflict Management, choose the action you prefer if the downloaded report ID already exists in your report tree:
      • Duplicate - Provides another ID for the new report. The existing report keeps its unique ID.
      • Overwrite - Replaces the existing report with the new report.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click BROWSE MODE, and view the new report.


Contributing a Custom Report to Reports Cloud

  1. Export your custom report definition from ViPR SRM:
    1. Navigate to the report in ViPR SRM. The report must be displaying in the report pane.
    2. In the upper right, click Exports ->XML format, and choose the location to save the file.
  2. Prepare a snapshot (an image file) of the report that you can upload for the report thumbnail.
  3. Prepare a description of the report.
  4. Go to
  5. If you are not already logged into a Dell EMC support account, do so now.
  6. In the left navigation, click Submit a Report->Single Report.
  7. On the input form that appears:
    1. Complete all fields on the left side of the form.
    2. Review the preview on the right side of the form.
  8. Click Submit Report. Your report will be tagged as New for 30 days.


Spread the word!  This is a community app!