VMAX for Splunk Enterprise Environment Check

Visibility: Open to anyone

Script Version: 1.1


To help with diagnosing issues in your VMAX & Splunk environments, I have created a basic script to report back to you:

  • Unisphere version
  • All VMAX-3 or newer arrays registered to Unisphere instance
  • VMAX model & uCode version
  • If VMAX is performance registered
  • If VMAX has an up-to-date performance timestamp for metrics collection


When running Splunk against VMAX using the add-on, there are a number of requirements which must be met that are checked off by returning the values above.  If you are getting in contact with VMAX Splunk support be sure to run this script and send the output to support along with the log files from the TA.



  • Python 2.7
  • Python Requests installed (link)


How To:

  1. Extract files from VMAXforSplunkSizer.rar
  2. From command line run 'python VMAXSplunkTest.py'
  3. Enter your environment details when requested to run environment check


For further information on VMAX & Splunk, please view the VMAX & Splunk blog article I put together for setting up & configuring your environment.