How to Stop and Restart the SMI-S Provider on a Windows Host, via the Windows GUI

Occasionally, the SMI-S agent will stop properly communicating and sending data to one or more managed objects in an environment.  If this occurs, the SMI-S provider services will need to be restarted.

          Windows SMI-S:

1.   Open the Window Services applet and stop the ECOM service.

2,   While in Windows Services, stop the SLP service (Service Location Protocol).

3.   Verify the associated processes have stopped before restarting the above services.


          A. There should be two "ECOM.exe" processes running (generated from

               only one service in Windows Services).  Make sure they have both stopped. 

               If not, stop/kill them.

          B. Verify the SLPD.exe process has also stopped. If not, stop/kill it


4.   In order to restart the SMI-S services, first start the SLP service, then watch

      to verify the SLPD.exe process starts

5. Then start the ECOM service, while watching the processes window to make sure

     both ECOM.exe services come up.