APJ 2017 DBA Day - Data Protection Presentation

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Thank You! to all the customers and partners who attended the DBA Day covering Redefining Oracle Infrastructure with Flash and Application and Database Data Protection across various cities in Asia Pacific and Japan.


You can Download the Data Protection presentation and I also have some useful links below for further reading.


Useful links

Please talk to your local Systems Engineer if you want access to an online vLab to play around.  Alternatively you can download the free edition of the data domain and de-dupe it yourself


Remember NOT to use your backup tool compression or encryption and let Data Domain do this for you to get the best de-duplication results.  For more best practices using Data Domain and boost please refer to the following Data Domain Best Practices document.

DBA Days happen all around the world - for more information on a DBA Day near your city visit Dell EMC's DBA Days!