VxRail Site Preparedness Enablement Overview

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Welcome to VxRail and the Dell EMC HyperConverged family, we are excited to join you on your IT Transformation journey with ! 


To ensure you are ready for the VxRail implementation, we have created several items you will want to review to help you prepare for a seamless installation of your new VxRail. With some basic preparation, we are confident you will have a great experience!  If you have any questions about the material, or what is needed to deploy VxRail, please contact your VxRail Account Executive, or you can visit the Everything VxRail Community for these and many more tips and tricks on deploying and using VxRail.


Please take the time to watch the video below, and when you are done you can take the next step toward readying your deployment, by clicking through to our VxRail Site Preparedness Enablement site.


Thank you again for your VxRail appliance commitment!



Click here to go to the VxRail Enablement Site Now...

....where you can download and review

site readiness and best practice documents and tools to

ensure your success!