Supporting the Evolving Role of the Modern CIO

CIOs today are in a unique position to use technology to create business value and opportunity. Indeed, a leading global survey reports that 67% of CIOs are expecting their strategic influence within an organization to continue to grow.1 63% of CIOs have seen their key focus change from saving money to making money.2


This evolving role of the Modern CIO requires a careful balance of the CIO’s traditional skills – continuing to manage data center infrastructure in an efficient and optimally effective way while also driving business strategy and creating a positive impact on customer experience.

The power of transformation

Dell EMC PowerEdge server systems are the CIO’s key tools in this transformation. As the bedrock of the modern software-defined data center, these best-in-class solutions provide scalable system architectures for optimal control of the IT lifecycle while also delivering a cyber-resilient environment.

The latest Dell EMC PowerEdge server range, featuring the next generation Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family, includes a whole host of innovative features to help organizations bridge the IT resources gap and transform their business.

Built from the ground up with a no-compromise approach to deliver an end-to-end, fully flexible and cost-effective solution that customers can rely on, the Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G server portfolio is specifically designed to enable CIOs to realize their vision of a worry-free infrastructure that allows them to maximize performance and optimize efficiency – with no compromises.

These advanced servers are the key to building a flexible, efficient and cloud-enabled infrastructure that allows a constant balance between operational efficiency and forward-thinking projects.

Realize your customer’s vision of a worry-free infrastructure to maximize performance and optimize efficiency – with no compromises.

The most cutting-edge portfolio of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers yet is designed to help drive IT transformation. And it enables the delivery of exceptional business results – such as 99% increased speed in data-driven business decision making,3 85% automation of application deployment through ‘digital labor’4 and 80% reduction in IT management time,5 which increases IT environment security.

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers were specifically developed to provide a consistent, scalable infrastructure for any workload – from traditional applications and virtualization to cloud-native data center – and to support CIOs facing key challenges involving the explosion of big data, cloud, security and skills management.

With PowerEdge 14G, CIOs can evolve from a traditional to a more transformative role by:

  • Managing cost as well as creating value;
  • Blending business process management with using data to drive business decisions;
  • Being customer and technology focused;
  • Switching from securing the IT perimeter to securing the IT architecture.


The Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2016 stated: “The ‘Creative CIO’ will not only be a technology strategist, but also a business strategist and innovator.”


Today, Modern CIOs the world over are leveraging Dell EMC PowerEdge server systems to bring about competitive advantage and drive business transformation.



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