PixTools for .NET PDF Sample


PixTools for .NET SDK allows uniformly working with different file formats and compressions. But there are features that are specific for certain file format, for example PDF bookmarks. This article introduces PDF sample application that shows how to use specific features of PDF file format, including: enable/disable PDF rendering, read/write PDF bookmarks and manage document properties.


Download attached application demonstrating features described in the article

Solution folder should be placed in the "Samples" directory of PixTools for.NET installation path.

Example: "C:\Program Files\EMC Captiva\PixTools for .NET\Samples\C#\PDFSample".


PixTools for .NET PDF sample

Since version 8.3 it is possible to open any PDF document using PixTools for .NET SDK. This feature is accessible after enabling PDF rendering mode. Also it is possible to operate with bookmarks in PDF document and manage PDF document properties such as: document’s author, title, subject and keywords, application and producer information.


PDF sample application demonstrates following features:


  • Enabling/disabling PDF rendering mode;
  • Control PDF rendering settings, such as: rendering resolution, smoothing mode and resolution detecting for image only PDF files;
  • Reading structure of PDF bookmarks;
  • Editing PDF bookmarks parameters, such as: title, page link, display mode, zoom factor and view zone position;
  • Writing PDF bookmarks to the new document;
  • Managing PDF document properties.




Download the code

The sample application is in the attached "PDFSample.zip" file.